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Violet Adams is a main character in both seasons of Freakish. She is one of the original 9 Kent High School survivors after the local Keller Chemical Plant explosion. She was a bit of a loner, and stole chemicals from the science lab to blow up her ex's truck, resulting in her Saturday detention, which was the reason she was at school the day of the explosion.

She is played by actor and social media star Liza Koshy.

Video Recording[]

"Whoever finds this, my name is Violet Adams. And everything that happened, the explosion at the plant, the whole disaster, it was all my fault. I swear, I'm not the genocidal type. I was just trying to blow up a car. A cherry red pickup of a cheating asshole who worked at the plant. It doesn't matter. I did this. I am responsible for all of it. And I'm sorry. I'm really sorry."

-Violet Adams recording her confession on her phone.

Throughout the Series[]


Violet's father worked at Keller Chemical Plant until he died, and he taught her a lot about chemistry.

She was dating Zane Hiatt until she found out that he had cheated, causing her to blow up his pick-up truck with chemicals she stole from Kent High School's science class, resulting in her Saturday detention.

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